Upholstered Beds & Headboards

Why are so many people raving about the upholstered beds and headboards available from our furniture store in Toronto? The answer is that these beds are as easy on your eyes as on your body. But the benefits don’t stop there, either. The uniqueness of the upholstered bed makes it possible to customize the bed material, shape, and color to perfectly match your unique style.

While most beds use wood for their frames, upholstered beds and headboards are made using luxurious materials, including velvet, faux leather, or suede. Padding is also usually added to make the bed even more comfortable, while sophisticated embroidery delivers an exquisite appearance. Some of the additional benefits of our custom upholstered beds and headboards include:

They Are Flexible – Upholstered beds can be updated to complement a wide range of interior aesthetics. The pattern, color, material, and shape of your bed can be easily altered to match your room. Combine your new upholstered bed with a modular sofa to create a truly eye-catching look for your bedroom.

They Are Easy to Maintain – Upholstered beds are incredibly convenient. Just choose high-performance fabrics for your upholstery, and you can clean your bed with something as simple as a vacuum cleaner. This ease of maintenance also means you can expect your bed to look great for a long time.

They Are Comfortable – Finally, these beds are just plain comfortable—and that is probably an essential thing to consider when choosing where to rest your head every night. Upholstered headboards provide the support you need when watching movies, reading novels, or simply talking to your loved one while in bed.

*Available in Double, Queen & Kingsize.
*12 Stocking Colours
*Hundreds of custom fabrics available
*Made in Canada